The Neopters® of Puy Du Fou

A new technological achievement


New Neopters taking flight at the Puy du Fou with Pixiel

The sky as a stage

Pixiel, the French professional civilian drones specialist, has signed a technological and commercial partnership with the Puy du Fou. Through this agreement, the world's greatest theme park is revolutionising its spectacle by investing the sky with drones. For the first time, each evening at Cinéscénie, 14,000 spectators are watching an extraordinary aerial ballet performed by an autonomous fleet of drones capable of choreography at heights of 60 meters (200 ft) at night time. Exceptionally safe and reliable, this system is approved by the DGAC, which has issued a special and unprecedented approval for the show.

When we imagined the Neopters*, our artistic ambition was to extend the stage of our performances into the sky. To make this dream a reality, we partnered with the French drone specialists Pixiel. Beyond their unparalleled technological and aviation expertise, which enabled us to develop these cutting-edge drones, the Pixiel team was able to work hand-in-hand with the teams at Puy du Fou. Having listened carefully to our expectations, they have fulfilled every detail of Puy du Fou's artistic vision. Together we have set new standards in special effects performance.

* A new generation of drones capable of flying at night, as a fleet, autonomously and in sync with the performance.

Nicolas de Villiers - Président Puy du Fou

technological solution

To achieve Puy du Fou's ambitious artistic vision, Pixiel assigned a dedicated team of 10 engineers exclusively to the project for almost one year. The challenge was to create a new version of the Neopter. The technological solution had to be reliable and secure, for a totally new show in front of an audience. This world first offers an aerial ballet of several light displays in the sky.


Technological innovation

  • Autonomous aerial fleet

    Several drones fly up into the sky, carrying a set hanging on a rope (2kg payload, 6 metres long), up to 60 metres into the sky, at night. From take-off to landing, and the completion of their choreography, the entire flight sequence is performed automatically. The only human intervention consists of authorising the flight to launch automatically based on a timecode.

  • Technological reliability

    The drones fly very close to the audience and actors (14,000 spectators and 3,500 volunteers, including 2,500 actors). This is why, from design to construction of the complete system, reliability and operational security are paramount in the development process. In addition to reliability, the system was also designed to be easy to use. Its intelligent ergonomics allows rapid training for operators of the fleet.

  • Extreme conditions

    The system created by Pixiel enables its drones to fly in adverse weather conditions (high winds, temperatures and humidity). The navigation system is designed to enable the drones to fly at night in off-view mode under supervision of Neopter control panel.

  • Special DGAC approval

    The Puy du Fou's Neopters, developed by Pixiel, offer the only system in the world authorised to fly as a fleet twice a week in front of an audience in open air. The DGAC granted special approval for the aerial fleet as part of the Puy du Fou's Cinéscénie. It is the first time spectators have been able to watch a night-time show produced by a fleet of drones.

Step by step

1 Waiting for
the signal

2 The drones fly up carrying the lamps (2 kg and 6 metres in length)

3 Flying as a fleet up to 60 metres high in the sky

4 Choreographed sequence in front of the Puy du Fou castle

5 Flying as a fleet, perfectly safe and controlled

Let’s create your drone solution together

With this project, our teams have developed technological building blocks that unlock important development potential in other business sectors. Pixiel is now investing heavily in research and development to create the professional civilian drones of the future: unpiloted flying robots that are sufficiently safe and reliable to fly over infrastructure and populations.


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